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This beautiful and attractive logo represents Sukh Vivah which is “The logo as shown represents heart, flowers, petals and pious yagya. As such it has all elements that are important for defining and making any marriage peaceful, healthy and successful. Beautiful and colorful roses as shown in the logo represents the beauty of occasion i.e. Marriage. Since marriage is the most beautiful and auspicious occasion, it needs to be celebrated with the most beautiful things and for that there’s no better option than roses. Moreover, marriage is also a combination of 2 souls, so there has to be feelings, emotions and love of course. For that heart is also shown beautifully in the logo.


Similarly, petals show the blessings that are being showered by the family members and friends.

"The petals are also offered to God. That’s why they are used in the logo. Yagya flames denote the mythological belief that Indians have with marriage. It is believed when you get married in presence of everyone with blessings of your elders and God, then you obtain happiness or Sukh. For this reason, this pious element is also added in the logo."

The logo design to be successful must look attractive and deliver the message properly and clearly. The elements being used in the logo are so realistic that they are able to communicate the message properly. The logo designer has researched the topics well and applied his knowledge and creativity to create the best in class logo that can efficiently reflect the auspicious occasion of marriage.

Logo is something that must uniquely and effectively represent the idea for which it is designed. This is the logo of matrimony and therefore all the important elements that are there when the auspicious occasion of marriage took place like, Yagya, roses etc are beautifully used in it. Marriage is the relation of trust and love between two soul mates and for this reason, the symbol that is globally used to represent love i.e. heart is also used in the design of this beautiful logo. This is therefore a perfect symbol to represent the occasion of marriage. The designer has put in his creative efforts in order to design this logo and it is so very effective that one can easily recognize the idea that it wants to reflect i.e. the idea of marriage.

A logo is said to be effective only when it is able to properly the idea with which is designed and that is intended to be represented by it. This is therefore an effective logo as the idea of marriage is clearly understood on by looking at it. The auspicious occasion of marriage holds special importance in the life of a person and the choice of matrimonial site that is providing the services of finding a perfect match must be made with care. Sukh Vivah could be a better choice as a matrimony site as they will put best of efforts in any task and this fact is clear from their logo itself that shows their efforts and creativity.

HERO SUGAND is a dynamic professional having years of experience in this field with which he has designed several logos that represent number of well known and high class brands. The logos developed by Hero Sugand have earned great reputation for the business that is represented by them. With all his knowledge and creativity, Hero Sugand used to develop the best in class logos that instantly grabs attention and attracts number of customers that helps the business to earn profits.