Customer Support

The range of customer support services provided by Sukhvivah is here that is useful for the customers and helps them to easily make use of the services that we offer. For the satisfaction of the customers, the main data channel is Customer support and for retaining a customer for very long period of time, it plays a very important role by providing the customers with the required services on time.

Various channels are used by Sukhvivah so as to provide the customer support services. Below are the details of the customers support channels that we use.

To connect with our team of customer support, 5 easiest ways are provided by us:

Live chat support
The visitor of the site can make use of this channel and through a session that is based on text, he can seek the assistance. Through this channel, he/she can have an easy interaction with the representative of customer support who provides appropriate advice by understanding the customer's requirements. Language might act as a barrier in this if both the parities do not make use of the same language to communicate. A green help option is provided on the website on the right side down. Anyone can easily make use of this to have a live chat with us.
For getting the support services, the second best option for the customers is Whatsapp using which they can make any query related to help via direct chat with us.
Email Us
For providing the customers with the services that are web based, one of the primary means is Email that is used for the purpose. When any immediate assistance or reply is not required by the customer than this option is very useful. This channel is low cost and from anywhere and at any time, the customer can access it. Sukhvivah has 3-4 mail Id's for providing support to the customer.
  • -for information
  • - for help
  • - for advertise
  • - for career
Quick Query
We also provide the users with the query option in the Contact Us section where only the email id, phone number and name and send the message to us.
For emergency

In case of any emergency, the customers can make a call and directly talk to the customer support representative over phone and get the required help and advice. In case of any emergency, the customers can also drop a whatsapp message to us on: +91 9423800015

The customer support team of Sukhvivah is always there to help the customers as and when they need us. We provide the required chat support and helpful advice to the customers as and when they need it so that they can easily make use of the services and enjoy the hassle free experience. So start your search for the perfect life partner and the amazing and dedicated services and customer support of Sukhvivah are there for you.

You can get the support from any of the above mentioned channel that you find easy and get the required support on time.