How to use

Here are few tips of How you can use Sukh Vivah more effectively.

How to use Sukhvivah
Before making use of the site, refer the following tips as they will help you to get clear idea of how to make use of the site safely. Before signing up for the account, go through the details carefully.
Suitable match search
Fill the preference for the partner
Different people have different preferences when it comes to selecting a life partner. Some people go for their own choice while some prefer the selection of the family. Whatever be the preferences, we provide a special feature where you can fill these and make the search all the more precise. You can make use of this special feature so as to describe your preferences on the basis of social and religious background, career, education, location etc. so that you can get the results that are filtered based on your preferences. This makes the search for the prospective partner all the more precise and easy.
Express your interest
If you find any member suitable then there is the feature using which you can express interest in the member and make the first move. The other members, in the similar way, can express interest in your profile. In this case, you have the option to decline or accept the requests based on your preferences.
Set the filters
There are options using which the filters could be set by you so that you do not receive any interest from the profiles that does not match your preferences. In your filtered list, you will receive the interest from the members who does not match your preferences but have shown interest in your profile.
Become the premium member by upgrading
For faster results and better responses, it is recommended that you become the premium member by upgrading. Being a premium member, you can enjoy the features like contacting the members whom you find suitable via email, phone or chat.