Be Safe Online

Preventing debit/ credit card fraud:

The debit and credit cards frauds could be avoided with certain precautions:
  • The credit cards photocopies should not be provided to anyone. The CVV written on the back side of the card could be used by anyone for making online transactions.
  • The links on mail seeking for the account personal information should be avoided. This might leak your information to the fraudsters.

Online Safety Tips

It is important to make use of the internet safely as it has number of dangers and risks. Below are the tips that must be followed.

Be careful:

Always be on the safer side while making use of the Internet.

Never reveal personal identity:

The personal information revealed on the Internet might be used by the fraudsters for accessing the account illegally and harm your personal identity.

Do not use the real name:

Do not make use of your real name while making use of the Internet. Use the screen name instead.

No personal information:

The personal information like telephone number, address etc. must never be shared on the Internet.

Never meet strangers:

Any type of meeting with the strangers should be avoided as this might not be safe.

No to inappropriate content:

Do not paste no do respond to any type of the content that is not appropriate.

Are you a protected cyber user?

Always make use of a secure gateway while making online payments, paying bills over the net etc.

Open the email attachment after test:

Ask yourself certain questions like have you received mail form this sender before, do you know the sender etc. before opening any mail attachment.

Why should you care for security of computer and what it is?

Something that detects and prevents any type of illegal access to your personal computer is termed as computer security. If someone attempts to break the security of your system, the detection let you know about it. With the prevention, you come to know s how to stop such illegal actions.

Make use of the password that is strong enough:

It is must to have a password for any service used by you:
Do not write the passwords or share them with someone to remember.
The password must contain special characters and alphanumeric characters.
Make use of lengthy password.

    Protect the website:
  • Always remain updated with the news that is related to security.
  • The firewall should be configured correctly.
  • The web content must be developed off line.
  • The databases must be protected.
  • After every update, the website must be backed up.
    Protect personal computer:
  • Make use of the good antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Make use of latest version of operating system.
  • Create the passwords that have at least 8 digits.


We do not provide the services to those who are under 18 years of age. They cannot sign up in our portal and if fake profile is created by them with the use of wrong information, they are immediately blocked and strict action is taken against them.