Payment has several plans that the users can take advantage of as per their requirement. For the general use of the site like for general search of the members, no payment is required and the users can make use of this service without any type of payment. Payment is required to be done if you want to make use of the other services of the site such as searching the members with appropriate filters, contacting a member, getting more or less contact as per the convenience etc.

For having the privilege to use these services, it is required that the users make the desired payment.

The users can view the complete profile of the other members of the site only when they become the registered member of the site and for this, payment of specific amount is required to be done. Once the payment is made, the users can view the complete details of the members they are interested in. Also, the contact details of the members of site are made available only when the profile is verified and required payment is made. There are different amount that are required to be paid for getting different number of contacts.

Also, to enjoy the advanced services, one must become the premium member of the site. This avails them to make use of the advanced services of the site.

The payment URL that we make use at Sukhvivah is absolutely safe and secure.

We take care of the safety and security of the members of the site and take proper steps to safeguard their details so that no one can use your personal details without your permission. The payment is secured with encryption so that no one can make its use.

It is important that the users do not share their personal details such as Password, Login ID, bank details, bank account number etc. with third person as in this case, we would not be answerable.

None of the member of the team of Sukhvivah ever asks for any type of personal details such as login credentials or bank account details from any of the member wither in person or on phone. We take proper measures to safeguard the payment made by the users of Sukhvivah so that they can stay assured of the safety of their information. The members of Sukhvivah can make the payment as per the desired services of the site that they want to use.

In the payment options, ccavenue is used by us and the users are required to make payment through this option. Along with this, we also accept the payment through debit cards/ master cards/ visa cards wallets etc. so that the users can make the payment as per their convenience.

So if you want to make use of the services of then make the desired payment via any of the above mentioned options that you find suitable. The customers can make payment with the above mentioned modes only in order to make use of the services that we provide.