Privacy Policy

Sukhvivah is the matrimonial site owned and operated by With regard to the statement that we collect from you, this privacy statement has been drawn by us to protect your privacy for which we are strongly committed. From time to time, there will be amendments in this privacy policy and the members will be provided information regarding the same on the mail on the email address provided by them at the time of registration at the site. The information that allows other members of the site to contact a person from a source other than Sukhvivah is termed as private information and this is the information collected from the members by whom the services offered by the site are used.

In order to secure the information of the credit card of our users, we make use of a secure server for all the transactions and on order to store the information, cookies are used.


What is the information that Sukhvivah collects from you?
From the guests and members who apply for the various services offered by our site, we gather certain information that is kept secured. The information includes name, email address, mail ID, password that is specified by the user, zip code, mailing address and contact number. Believing the information provided by you to be accurate and true, Sukhvivah shall act on its basis. You agree by submitting your detail to share the information with Sukhvivah's other members. To verify the genuineness or the accuracy of the information that you provide, Sukhvivah is under no obligation.
With whom the tracked/collected information is shared by the site?
Is it required for all the visitors to pay?
Is the payment mode secure?
The payments made by the users for making use of certain services of the site are secured by a encryption server so as to safeguard the transaction information of the users. One of the highest levels of security that is provided by the portals is used for the encryption so that you can stay assured of the fact that the data is secure with us.
How can the team of Sukhvivah contact you?
For the purpose of explaining the various functionalities and features of the site, from time to time, you will be contacted by the team of Sukhvivah. With the help of number of mediums such as SMS, Email, Voice IVR, MMS, WAP messages, USSD, Telephonic calls etc. the team of Sukhvivah can contact you.