Why referral and rewards?

It refers to the act when someone pass on the information regarding a site to other person and highlights the positive points of the services provided by the site. When someone gives his customers the access to the matrimonial site than it is termed as referral through which commission is generated. This is why it is done by number of people so as to earn.

  • The commission is provided to those who are referring the site and providing its access to their customers. It is provided to them on monthly basis.

  • The commission period of the referral is set up to 90 days and within this period, all the referrals are traced. If a profile is made on the site by a member through your website and within 90 days of the creation of profile, the payment is also done then commission will be credited accordingly.

  • The payouts in the referral service are prompt as well regular and therefore are easy. The mode of payment could be selected by you as per your convenience.

  • The reports are real time and this allows you to monitor the sales, clicks as well as the earnings and that too 24*7.
  • The banner ads that are the best are rotated and served from automatically our end. All you need to do is copy and paste the code the code after selecting the size into your webpage's HTML and the rest will be taken care of by us. There are over 16 standard sizes from which you can select the one that you find appropriate.

  • You can also receive benefits from the successful brand image that we have. This is one of the largest matrimonial sites in the world and since it is established, the revenues are increasing continuously.

  • With our team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, we work on the one to one basis with you so as to ensure that the program results in success for you. We also concentrate on your success so as to ensure that a profitable relationship results from our partnership in the program.


You can sign up for the referral program without any charges as the registration for the program is free. This is a type of collaboration between the one who is the operator or owner of a unique website and our site. The website owner, after registering for the program, can place the promotional banners or the links of our site on their site and in return of this, they can receive the commissions. The commissions they receive are against the subscriptions that are generated from the links on their site. The referral program members can maximize the marketing of the site that will increase their earnings.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and increase your earnings in a simple and effective manner. Join the referral program with us is free as well as easy and help you to earn profit in the form of commissions.