Security Tips

Never believe easily on any profile which is especially found on any online portal, if you are interested then better let it know to your family member and whenever you meet for the first time, make sure to go with any relative and meet in public place.

People weaving emotional tales, asking for financial assistance or any other help is subjected to fraud and it is highly recommended to immediately block such profiles and inform at Sukhvivah Whatsapp us FRAUD ALERT > PROFILEID on 9423800015 or you can also mail us: without any delay.

Stay aware and don't share any kind of OTP Passwords or Card Details, or any other personal detail from any person, people involved in this are from foreign countries like Nigeria, Ghana or Pakistan. If you attempt to share your personal details with any person, then we are not answerable for any kind of fraudulence. Never respond to unknown messages containing links and asking you to open it, this could lead hacking of your profile and personal details and even high loss of your hard earned money.


  • Remain unidentified unless and until you fully trust person showing interest in you.

  • Observe behavior because real respect you and decision.

  • Let your relatives read messages to point out things that you skipped noticing.

  • Stop conversation with people forcing you to share an email address or personal pictures, mobile no. , address etc.

  • If someone gives silly excuses regarding images shared in different style such as formal, casual, indoor or outdoor, then consider that person is hiding something.

  • Share your Contact details only and only if you are feeling comfortable, it is also suggested to use pre-paid mobile services and local telephone blocking techniques.

  • If you are getting odd area code make sure that it's not a charge number before calling on that particular number.

  • Be careful when dealing with online relationships offline.

  • If you are meeting for the first time than its absolutely fine if you want to change the decision.

  • If you are meeting someone for the first, open public place is more preferable.

  • Take your closed one with you, whenever meeting for the first time.

  • If you are meeting person all alone then leave the address, mobile number, and name at your relative or friends place.

  • Ask as many questions as you can, and observe an odd behavior of that person, it can help you in spotting liar and cons.

  • Anger, frustration, disrespectful comments or any unsuitable physical behavior are all high signs of warning.

  • Never fulfill a request of Money, because real people never demand money in any state.

  • Report in any condition, if someone is asking for money.


  • It is strictly recommended not to share name, email address, residential address or any personal detail in the very first message.

  • Never send your contact information until and unless you build faith on that person.

  • Avoid usage of signature in your emails, with a mobile number.

  • Never communicate with unknown people using office email id on regular basis.

  • Avoid going to remote places or for movies with such strangers for the first time.

  • Always pay attention towards their behavior and piece of information which they are hiding, again and again, such as age, salary, appearance, marital status etc.

  • Never trust a person avoiding the straight answer to a question asked.

  • A person who has never introduced any of his family member or friends with you is a not trustworthy.

  • Pay attention to people and take time for decision making.

  • Beware of old tricks of romance, which fades away after some time.

  • Don't attach yourself too much to a person you met online.