Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions
Welcome to sukhvivah.com, the leading matrimonial service in India. In order to make use of the site, there are certain terms and conditions that you must agree with. Upon time, these conditions might be modified by us providing the user with a notice for the same.
Authority period
Content on the site
  • Upon agreeing with the conditions, you must understand the fact that any messages, content, profiles or photos might be deleted by us due to the violate of terms of usage on the sole judgment.
  • For the content, photos or the profiles displayed in the site, you are responsible solely. For verifying the content authenticity that is posted on the site, we reserve the right. You might also be asked by us for providing with the evidences or the documents supporting the content that has been posted by you on the site while exercising this right. Without any refund, the membership might also be terminated by us at sole discretion.
  • Following is the list of the content type that is prohibited or illegal on the site. Whoever violated this action will have to face strict legal action taken by us and without any refund, the membership will also be terminated. The content included in this:
    • Is the one that promotes hatred, bigotry, racism or any type of physical harm to any individual or a group
    • Annoys or support annoyance of other individual
    • Threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or libelous
    • Involves chain letters, junk mail or spam transmission
    • Promotes an unauthorized or illegal copy of the copyrighted work of the other person such as providing the links to the pirated content
    • Pages that are password access only or restricted or the hidden images or pages.
    • Those who are under 18 year of age are not allowed to sign up in the site. They are immediately blocked if any evidence is found for below 18 year of age and the money is not refunded.
    • From other users, ask for the personal information of the identity or passwords for unlawful or commercial purposes.
Disputes of member
For the interactions that you have with the other members of the site, you are solely responsible. You also undertake and agree that you are sole responsible for the interactions that you have with the other site members.
Unless required by the enforcement agencies, law, court order or the regulation, no private data will be intentionally disclosed or monitored by us. You also agree to respect the confidentiality and privacy of others.
Pertaining to the services that the site offers, emails will be received by all those who are registered users of the site.